Every player is categorized into the 18U, 16U, or 15U level. Age levels are determined by level of play as well as the current level your son plays in High School. Workouts and weekend games are scheduled each week. Every Monday, an email will be sent out with the weeks practice schedule and weekend games. There will be a link to sign up for such workouts/games, which I will schedule accordingly. If your son wants to participate in any event, you will need to sign up via email using the link provided. This part of the program is completely open to everyone that is signed up and wants to continue their development as a baseball player.

There are many goals for the Birds program. Some of them are for players to get at-bats, innings, and to further advance their skills and careers as players. One important goal is to give its players the opportunity to get as much College/Pro exposure as possible. Over the years, we have seen and helped numerous players obtain their goals of playing at the 4-year level as well as Professional baseball. We do this by inviting players to events who we feel are ready to be seen by College coaches and/or Professional scouts.

The program plays from June 1, 2018 through January 2019. There are monthly fees which are processed via CC the first of every month. These monthly/program fees pay for all of the weekly workouts throughout the 8-month season. Your program fees pay for roughly 75 practices. Fees for Weekly or Weekend games are separate and NOT included in your monthly fees. This program is 100% optional. You do NOT have to attend workouts and you will NOT be billed for games your son isn’t scheduled to attend. If you are a member of the Birds program, I expect you to ONLY play with the Birds travel ball program. Your HS Summer/Fall/Winter team is a priority.


Marketing- We do ZERO marketing for various reasons. We DO NOT hold tryouts. HOWEVER… if I feel this isn’t the right fit for your son, I won’t allow him to participate. This program doesn’t care how good your son is, we care about how good he is going to be.


Monthly fees are paid once per month and are non- refundable after payment has been received. You may cancel your membership at any time with a written notice. If a cancellation notice is received after a monthly fee is charged, you will not be refunded. All cancellations must be in writing and sent prior to the start of the following month.


Mike Cosgrove


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